Selection Office

Imam Sadiq University (peace be upon him) as a daily and non-governmental Islamic university, in the country’s higher education complex, was founded on the basis of Islamic teachings and preaches. We believe that in the teachings of Islam and the school of Imam Sadiq (pbuh), there exists a comprehensiveness and great capacity that by discovering, explaining and applying it, it is possible to create a great transformation in human sciences and approaches, especially in the humanities, and in the light of it, eminent scholars and elites can be trained.

Based on Islamic principles and values, the university considers science as divine light, a capital for the perfection of gifted people, and believes that teaching and learning along with refining the soul is the most important human mission. Only with the deification of motives and goals and the accompaniment of science and practice, the true role of science will be fulfilled in human society. Considering that the university was established for a mission and a pure purpose, it should pursue the selection of the right candidates to achieve its goals. Achieving these goals will be possible by choosing companions who share the same goals. Esteemed scholars who do not let themselves get tired along the way and are sure that every effort to acquire knowledge and faith will bring precious fruits.

The Women’s Campus of Imam Sadiq University (pbuh) uses the process that it has acquired during its several years of experience and also applying new and accurate methods in order to select its students, so that it can achieve the lofty goals of the university in a scientific and spiritual atmosphere.

The selection department is one of the departments that started its work in 1990 (1369) at the same time as the establishment of the women’s campus of Imam Sadiq University (pbuh). In order to realize the main goals of the university and to train workforce and specialists for the Islamic society. This university selects its students from among thousands applicant who are accepted in the national university entrance exam.