Center for Strategic Planning


As an important part of the women’s campus, this center was established in 2007 (1386) in order to anticipate, plan, evaluate and monitor the medium and long-term programs of different areas of the campus. The chief areas of activity in this center are as follows:

The most important work areas:

  • Cooperation in the preparation of the campus master plan in line with the University master plan;
  • Cooperation in the preparation and arrangement of long-term strategic plans for achieving the vision and mission of the University;
  • Review and evaluation of the campus activities in the framework of the country’s higher education growth and development programs;
  • Drafting an annual plan and budget with the help of the competent authorities;
  • Assessment of the campus deputies and various units to provide solutions for an improved performance;
  • Review and evaluation of the implementation process of programs in order to achieve the objectives of the campus;
  • Comprehensive human resource planning;
  • Compilation, evaluation and modification of campus structure and offering proposals to competent authorities;
  • Campus Information System Management;
  • Management of the system documentation processes and mechanisms of campus; and
  • Detecting the issues in of campus plans, programs and activities