Campus Mission Statement

Women’s Campus was established in order to attain the great goals of Imam Sadiq University, which considers its most important mission as the realization of the teachings of “Thaqalayn”, this exquisite treasure, and its preservation. We also believe that the growth and excellence of a society is intertwined with the growth and excellence of all women.

Therefore, with a firm belief in the planning and empowerment of female Islamic scholars, we are concerned with the following:

  • Guarding the high values of the holy Islamic Republic of Iran, which represents the rules of divine justice in the light of Imamat and Wilayat.
  • Upholding the principle of “Wilayat-e Faqih”, which ensures the continuation of Imamat. It also guarantees the performance of various organizations and institutions of the government in perform their original Islamic duties, as a clear manifestation of the dynamism and efficiency of Ja'fari jurisprudence.
  • Prioritizing the purification and infidelity over teaching and learning in the micro and macro policies of the university, because according to the epistemological point of view of Islam, the perfect fruitfulness of knowledge of the divine light, is not possible without a clear mind.

  • Emphasizing the holiness, preservation of a close-knit family as the fundamental unit of society based on Islamic laws and ethics. Believing that thoughtful women are able to play their family responsibilities, including the important and honorable duty of motherhood, and play a significant role in the development of the scientific structure, promoting national identity and expanding the religious knowledge of the society.

  • Committing to hijab and chastity as a prelude to the growth of other aspects of women's faith and humanity and making efforts to strengthen the belief bases in Islamic society.

  • Creating a suitable opportunity to facilitate the emergence of scientific capabilities of educated women in an environment independent of men, using the experts in this class for the educational, research and administrative affairs.

  • Setting the grounds for the growth, excellence and development of humanity and Islamic culture with all scientific approaches in the national and international arenas featured by the components of dynamism, creativity and innovation and avoiding static and deterrent methods.

  • Utilizing leading-edge science, techniques and experiences and trying to advance them within the framework of Jafari's jurisprudence principles, which guarantee the growth and greatness of nations as well as individual and social excellence of human beings.

  • Attracting elites and training expert professors, theorists, managers and researchers in order to proliferate science and provide practical solutions in response to developments and requirements of time.

  • Emphasizing dynamic, creative and practical education for the purpose of exerting scientific authority in the contemporary borderless scientific and cultural system of the world.

  • Planning rooted in research-based education at all levels of the university, which requires employing components and elements of systematic research.

  • Making cultural exchanges and criticizing other scientific centers' findings in order to adapt and utilize the results in accordance with Islamic principles and values.