Public Relations

  • Today in the recognition of organizations the mutual understanding and communication in order to obtain the goals is accepted as a fundamental principle of management. This type of communication, which is called public relations, becomes one of the most important factors in affecting the fate of any organization and group. In today’s world, public relation is seen as a crucial element in evaluating and reinforcing organizations’ plans and objectives. The major objectives of public relations are as follows:

  • Communicating with different agencies in order to identify the campus authority, promote and attract versatile cooperations

  • Communicating with the schools of the country, especially the top and Islamic schools, in order to promote and attract talented and committed volunteers with the help of managers and educational consultants of the university

  • Aligning students’ scientific visits, tourist camps, and pilgrimages at all levels of the university through communicating with organs

  • Communicating with the alumni in order to absorb research and teaching staff and benefit the campus from expert and committed work forces known in this field

  • Producing news and special reports about the campus and reflecting that through publications and websites

  • Promoting and identifying the campus and its transcendent goals in the country and abroad as much as possible

  • Preparing, collecting and printing university activities in order to promote and identify the campus at different levels of scientific and social centers of the country