Imam Sadiq University Women's Campus - Founders’ Word

Ayatollah MahdaviKani, the Administration of Imam Sadiq University:

By putting our heads together, holding hands and gathering our powers we could achieve our ultimate goal. One of our aims was the foundation of an Imam Sadiq Girls’ College, in which women gather in one place and own an independent research center, journal and library; they are the teachers of different universities and also have scientific discussions.


MrsMahdaviKani, the principle of Imam Sadiq University, Girls’ College:

Imam Sadiq University is the first University that established an independent section for women along with a female educational board; it is a clear example of enhancing the role of women in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Monday October 2013

Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his progeny)


If someone learns a gate of knowledge from a person to whom he trusts, it is better than one thousand rak'a performed by him.


Shiites means, vol 27, p 27