Imam Sadiq University Women's Campus - Campus Statement

The obligations of Imam Sadiq University, Women's Campus:

The foundation of theWomen's Campus is to fulfill the great aims of Imam Sadiq University, which is to accomplish and to protect the precious thoughts of Thaqalein. The University also believes that stable growth and elevation in a society is highly dependent on the growth and advancement of women. Therefore, the University trusts the ability and prudence of Islamic women a great deal and promises to firmly pursue the following:

1.    Preserving the principles of the sacred system of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is a spark of divine justice under the everlasting light of Imamat (Islamic leadership) and Velayat (supreme leader)


2.    Upholding the principle of “Supreme leadership” which is the perpetuation of Imamat (Islamic leaders). This can ensure the functions of different organizations and systems to accomplish their main Islamic duties that designate the vitality and efficiency of Figh-e Jafari ( Imam JafarAl-Sadiq’s Jurisprudence)


3.    To enlighten and educate students, and to show a commitment to the proficiency of the micro and macropolicies of the University; according to Islamic thoughts and views, knowledge is a divine light and the accomplishment of such a light requires a pure and qualified conscious.


4.     Emphasizing the sacred institute of family as a basic part of a society based on Islamic rights and ethics; believing that intellectual women are able to fulfill responsibilities in their familiesespecially the monumental and sacred task of motherhood besides their fundamental role in the scientific structure, national identity and religious knowledge of the society.


5.    Adherence to hijab and chastity as an introduction to humane and faithful aspects of women; and efforts to strengthen its principles in the Islamic community.


6.    Creating a suitable opportunity to ease the emergence of scientific capabilities of educated women in an environment independentof men, to make use of qualifiedwomen for educational purposes, and to help women in research and practical affairs.


7.    Creating areas for growth, progress and development of human and Islamic Culture based on scientific tactics in national and international fields by using active, creative and innovational factors and ignoring static methods.


8.    Using advance science, technology and the experience of humanity and trying to develop them in the frame of figh-e-Jafari’sprinciples (Imam JafarSadiq’s Jurisprudence), which ensures the growth and excellence of nations, individuals and human communities.


9.    Recruiting elites and training experts, theorists and research professors to produce knowledge and science and to present practical solutions based on the advancements and requirements of the time.


10.                       Emphasizing on active, creative and practical education because of the scientific authorities that exist in the scientific and cultural systems of the contemporary world.


11.                       Planning on the basis of research-based education in all scientific levels and grades of the University, which requires a following of the factors and elements of theIslamic Republic.



Exchanging culture, making criticisms and reviewing the achievements of other scientific centers in order to make use of all attainments, which are adaptable and adjustable to Islamic values and principles, in the University.

Monday October 2013

Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his progeny)


If someone learns a gate of knowledge from a person to whom he trusts, it is better than one thousand rak'a performed by him.


Shiites means, vol 27, p 27