Imam Sadiq University Women's Campus - Admission

The Personnel Department

Personnel department (which s and qualifies the students) is the center which has started its function since 1369 simultaneously with the establishment of Imam Sadegh Girls’ College. To fulfill the major aims of the University and to train efficient and proficient workforce for Islamic community, this center tries to students among hundreds of accepted applicants in the university entrance exam.


Because the university is a targeted system and it is established for perfect and pure obligations; so it has to the worthiest and the most qualified students for reaching its goals. In fact, the goals of the university will never be fulfilled unless the personnel those who follow University’s trends and are determined in their ways and certain that any effort results to an achievement, even when the effort is to attain knowledge and faith. Thus, Imam Sadegh University is inevitable to cautiously those eager students who wish to enter the University.  Therefore, Imam Sadegh Girls’ college still goes under the process of ing the students, which has experienced it for several years and has applied new and accurate methods for that purpose to protect its scientific and spiritual environment for ever.


The activities of the Personnel Department


1-     Admission of students in three levels of Bachelor, Master and PhD


1-1 Bachelor Degree: every year the university, Gils’ College, admits successful candidates who have passed the University entrance exam in three majors of Mathematics, Science and Human Science. The candidates have to register their names in the University’s website after receiving Booklet number one. The website for registration activates every year in December. After being accepted in first stage of the University entrance exam, the candidates are invited to Imam Sadegh University oral exam; after being qualified scientific and personal conditions and obtaining the required score they are admitted to the university.

1-2 Master Degree: Imam Sadegh University Girls’ College has established the course for Master degree since 1383 and has admitted intellectual and committed students in two courses of Educational Administration and Family Law.

1-2-1 The Islamic thoughts Exam

The Master degree candidates, if allowed to courses, have to register their name in University’s website and participate in the Islamic thoughts Exam which is held every year in July; so after passing the Exam and interview they are admitted to the university.

1-2-2 Holding Preparation Classes for M.A. Degree

Every year in June the Personnel Department holds preparation courses on Islamic thoughts for the candidates of M.A. degree, majoring in Educational Administration and Family law.

1-3 PhD Degree: Imam Sadegh University Girls’ College, holds the course of Educational Administration in PhD Level to create a suitable opportunity for women to perform an efficient role in “developing scientific structure, national identity and religious knowledge of the society” besides their “family responsibilities”. The applicants of this level are admitted to the university after ing Imam Sadegh University in the course ion form of Sazman Sanjesh (Assessment Organization) and obtaining the required score in Asma Exam, which is hold every year.

1-     Holding the Camp of Cognition (understanding)

This Camp is to introduce the Girls’ College to admit the interested students. The schools’ personnel are also invited to participate in the one-day camp with their students to get aquatinted with the programs, educational, cultural and research atmosphere of the university.

2-     Holding pre-university Camp

This camp aims to introduce the programs, rules and regulations and different parts of the University to the admitted candidates.

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Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his progeny)


If someone learns a gate of knowledge from a person to whom he trusts, it is better than one thousand rak'a performed by him.


Shiites means, vol 27, p 27