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An Introduction to Imam Sadiq University (PBUH) –women's Campus


Joining the two educational systems of Hawzah (Religious School) and University, was one of the Islamic Revolution’s aims.  This aim was completely fulfilled by the establishment of Imam Sadiq University in 1361, accompanied by the administration of Ayatollah MahdaviKani, who was a sincere friend of Imam Khomeini, the Islamic Revolution’s supreme leader. The significance of Iranian women’s participation in various social fields, made it clear that there was a need to establish a university to train committed and professional women in the fields of human science and Islamic studies. Therefore, eight years after the foundation of Imam Sadiq University, the Women's Campus was established and started to function with the administration of Mrs. MahdaviKani. This campus was founded so as to train and teach young women to become future teachers, researchers and preachers.

In order to handle the students’ scholastic affairs, the structure of the different centers and sections within the Department of Education of the University are as follows:

a. General Administration of Education containing subgroups of Admission, Registration, Informatics, Graduated Students Affairs, Department of Examinations, Administration of Classes.

b. Office for Educational Programming and Assessment

c. Academic Schools comprising of: School of Law which offers a Bachelor degree in Law and a Master's degree in Family Law; School of Educational Sciences which offers a Bachelor degree inIslamic Studies and Educational Sciences, a Master's degree in Educational Administration and a PhD in Educational Administration, School of Islamic Jurisprudence and Law, and School of Philosophy and Islamic Theology.

The two majors of “Islamic Studies and Educational Sciences” and “Family Law” are the initiatives of Imam Sadiq Women's Campus, and it is the only university which admits students for these two majors. By offering these majors the University aims to provide an atmosphere which enables students to research new religious fields that can be recognized when they write their PhD dissertations.

d. Academic Schools of Arabic, English, Islamic Studies and General Courses.

Students mastering the two languages of Arabic and English are able to communicate with the world and create an evolution in old sciences. Therefore, in each semester the students pass the certain credits of these two languages which are a part of their weekly educational schedule and timetable.

Moreover “Shahid Beheshti Study Plan” is defined as an aim to answer the needs of society, to promote the Islamic pure thoughts, to enlighten people with the knowledge of Ahlul-Bayt (Prophet’s household) and to enhance the ability of students to reason and infer regarding several courses in the Islamic studies. Holding challenging sessions on specialized courses to consolidate their learning are also considered among their extra educational programs and activities.

The other feature of the educational schedule in the Women's Campus is the PBL (problem based) approach to the courses. This is supported by conducting researches and projects and thesis composition at the bachelor level.

Among the honors of Imam SadiqUniversity Women's Campus is that their students make a high number of admissions at the post-graduate level in many other different Universities, and that they are able to obtain the highest scores in Master and PhD entrance exams and the Academic Olympiad.

Monday October 2013

Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his progeny)


If someone learns a gate of knowledge from a person to whom he trusts, it is better than one thousand rak'a performed by him.


Shiites means, vol 27, p 27